About NL – GB

Selina outside NL-GB 100Selina van der Geest moved to New York from London in 2000. In England she worked with Old Master Paintings Dealer Colnaghi as well as running her own decorating business.

Since moving to America, Selina has continued working in the art and decorating business and has now opened her own eclectic showroom near Millbrook, NY, 90 miles north of New York City.

After building her own house in upstate New York, Selina was inundated with requests to add her unique style and organizational skills to projects for private clients. It has been a natural progression to continue the decorating business she started back in England, bringing a relaxed European feeling to her clients’ houses. She believes in working organically, reflecting in her designs and colors, the natural surroundings of the property she is transforming.

I know 'NL-GB, Inc. sounds like code. Which it is - for totally discreet, unrestrained chic.'

Selina has always had a passion for fabrics and design, with a particular flair for making her own clothes and furnishings. She now takes great pleasure in sharing with her clients the treasures that she finds on her travels and the unique pieces that she designs herself. Her own range of steel furniture has been a particular success, from 7’ high cabinets to coffee tables and nightstands.